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As members of the Lake Rosemound Association (LRA), we all agree to abide by a set of Rules.  These Rules are extremely important to the safety of ourselves and our guests.  Below are links to PDF versions of the LRA Lake Rules, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, etc.

When you joined LRA you should have received copies of these important documents.  You can always access the most current versions here for download and printing.

Remember members - you are responsible for the actions of your guests!  Please make sure that everyone enjoying the wonderful recreational opportunities provided here at Lake Rosemound are well aquainted with these rules.

We are all the collective owners/keepers of our facilities and resources here at Lake Rosemound. 

Let's have fun and stay safe!

The Three governing documents:

Lake Rules Revision 7


Articles of Incorporation 

Additional Useful Information
Application for Membership (Transfer Stock to new property owner)

Wait List Application / Form

New Owner (and Realtor) guidelines for membership initiation


Lost Stock Affidavit

Lake Structure Form

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